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MSP430 LaunchPad on *nix

NOTE: This page is in beta state.
The original wiki page on is outdated and cannot be edited so we'll place some actual links and info here.

First, UART drivers.
Mac OS – here you'll find download links and discussions. Please note that unreleased drivers you can find on TI page do not work on 10.7. Editing device codes in .plist files didn't help, Xcode project with source code didn't compile on my mac with some compiler errors.
TI wiki page with links, driver download page – you'll have to pass through registration form.

Next, GCC. Original instructions (MSP430_LaunchPad_Mac_OS_X) from ti MSP430 LaunchPad wiki work on mac, here's the way I've used:
1. Download fink in .tar.gz format, extract (tar -xvzf fink-*.tar.gz), cd to new folder, run ./bootstrap, you'll have to answer several questions, default values should be fine. When done, run fink selfupdate-rsync or fink selfupdate-cvs and then fink index -f.
2. Installing the toolchain and mspdebug:
fink install msp430-libc msp430-gdb mspdebug

There's also a project with precompiled tools here.

Next you might be looking for some sample source codes as original files do not have a make file and in fact they do not compile.
Check the demo-breathing-led-gcc here, make sure to choose proper chip type. This demo contains nice command line instructions, here's the content of a shell script:

msp430-gcc -Os -Wall -g -mmcu=$MCU -o breathing-led-$MCU.elf breathing-led.c
sudo mspdebug rf2500 "prog breathing-led-$MCU.elf"

Next, check for original "temperature" demo modified for linux, you should be able to find direct download link here, search for "temperature demo" on the page.
At the moment this demo is outdated, looks like it's v1.0 and TI provides v1.1.

Here are the original links to v1.1 from TI wiki page (Download all MSP430G2xx code examples):

I was not able to make a working modification of 1.1 sources that compiles on mac and run fine on launchpad yet.
At least you'll have to:
comment or delete '#include  "msp430g2231.h"' and to use a proper command line parameter
and use "#include <msp430.h>" and "#include <legacymsp430.h>". Please note that "#include <io.h>" and "#include <signal.h>" used in linux demo v1.0 are deprecated.
Next, change
#pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR
__interrupt void Timer_A (void)
and similar to:
interrupt(TIMERA0_VECTOR) Timer_A (void)
and similar.