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Multiwan router

This is a firmware for WRT-compatible routers, like Asus WL-500Gp or D-Link DIR-320.

It is a well-known OpenWRT Kamikaze stable-8.09 (r18348) with LuCI web interface, but some additional features are added:

  1. For the moment 2 or more WAN connections are supported.
  2. NAT, UPnP, DNS, dynamic DNS are working fine on each.
  3.  Routing could be specified for each of WANs based on destination or source. No per port/protocol support yet.
  4. Sticky (not rerouted on failover) routes are supported.
  5. Simple failover functionality is available: dead WAN connections are disabled automatically; all the traffic is rerouted to alive ones. On recover all the routes are restored. Dead-or-alive test method is very poor for the moment: preconfigured host is pinged from each of the WANs.
  6. Web config interface is coming soon, as well as documentation.

x86 version available also.

In compliance with the terms outlined in the GPL license agreement, access to all "Sherpa" system sources is provided at wifi-sherpa Google code page.

Please contact for additional info.